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About the event

Mediamorfosis is a multiplatform space that is dedicated, throughout Latin America, to the reflection, analysis and production of content linked to the evolution of the media.

Every year, the most brilliant minds of the region and the world come to Mediamorphosis to present their cases in cities such as Buenos Aires, San Pablo, Montevideo or Medellín, where they offer their views and debate with media professionals, journalists, publicists, researchers, teachers, and students of different careers linked to communication and entertainment.

IIntegrated by live events, talks, international competitions, trainings, worskhops, webinars and digital publications, Mediamorphosis aims to be a reflection and learning about each discussion, each post, each panel and each course. what's going on. In addition, Mediamorfosis is actively engaged in promoting entrepreneurship in new media and the dissemination of Latin American talent, promoting exchange, business travel, training, and the generation of commercial agreements through partnerships with States, institutions and festivals. all the world.

Because the changes in the media are happening as we work on them: the tools of production are democratized, new technologies are incorporated, new devices appear, and while some trades disappear, we work on this, we try to understand, survive, create, do business and be happy with what we do

In this maelstrom, no one has a bible with instructions to follow. However, there are already inspiring cases. Proposals that open paths. Successes that lead. From Mediamorphosis, we are looking at them, we are analyzing them and, sometimes, we are pushing them. You are all welcome.