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The Mediamorfosis team is formed by professionals from all over Latin America, who come from different areas of communication, entertainment, content development and marketing. Each of them has a solid professional background behind them and contributes to a constantly evolving debate.

FOUNDER and DIRECTOR: Damián Kirzner
COMMUNICATION: Ricardo Andrada
PRESS: Decir Comunicación
MEDIAMORFOSIS Brasil: BRAVI. Rachel Do Valle
MEDIAMORFOSIS Colombia: Básica, I-Effective, Plaza Mayor.Leandro Vázquez, Paulo Carvajal, Julio Aithertoua, María Elisa Rojas
MEDIAMORFOSIS Uruguay: Estudio 9. Florencia de Feo  

Damian Kirzner About the directorWith an intense and varied career of nearly 30 years in film, radio and television, Damián is today a pioneer in the region and an active "evangelizer" of the new multiplatform narrative models. Producer, teacher and disseminator of the latest developments in the transmedia universe, he almost unknowingly anticipated the new way of producing shows incorporating the possibilities of new technologies when he launched the Channel 4 (UK) format in Argentina in 1999 " Wanted ", with the name of" Fugitivos "in the screens of Telefé / Argentina and Antena 3 / Spain. Entertainment, which marked a milestone, was based on a "hunt" made by the audience using the map of the city, with live satellite mobiles and public participation via telephone and on the streets.

Then came other innovative uses of technology and entertainment, from cases like Personal Stand Up in 2004 (a stand-up cycle for mobile phones, touted as the "first mobile TV show"), the game for mobile phones with geolocation "Cazadores", where a community uses the city map as a board to chase and play in real life (the content was acquired by the North American company Berggi), the TV program "Today is your day" Channel 13 of Argentina (a big show with mobile monetization), and "Todos estamos Conectados", created for Channel 10 of Uruguay in 2012, a TV show where the audience generated the content of the program via webcam from all over the world.

Among other honors, Damián was elected "Young Creative Media Entrepeneur" by the British Council in 2012, was a finalist for the EMMY DIGITAL AWARDS for "We are all Connected" in 2013 and created in 2014 "Mediamorfosis Transmedia" the first forum dedicated to thinking about future of the media and promote the region's transmedia industry.

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He was also the creator of hits such as "Sorpresa y media", "Fugitivos", "Ardetroya" and producer of key Argentine television programs , such as "Juana y sus Hermanas"
He was also the Artistic Manager of the most important production houses in the country such as "Ideas del sur " and "Promofilm", and their own companies "Fatto in Casa", in partnership with the renowned host Matías Martin, and "New Sock", in partnership with the entrepreneur Santiago Bilinkis. In addition, it was a prolific producer of fiction with Argentine directors like Fabián Bielinsky, Eliseo Subiela, Juan José Jusid, Marcos Carnevale, Bruno Stagnaro and Pablo Fisherman, among others. Several of its products have received the Martin Fierro award (Surprise and media, Ladies and Gentlemen, Okupas, among others) and received the gold medal at the New York festival for the series "Four friends."

He is a member of the Board of Directors of CAPPA, Argentine Chamber of SME Audiovisual Producers.

From 2015 to 2017 he was Transmedia and Audiovisual Content Manager at LA NACION, where he participated in the creation of the LN + channel, of which he was his first Programming Manager.
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